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Amiflex is a series of 5-layer barrier casings. High impermeability to oxygen and water vapor of this sausage casing series is achieved by means of synergetic effect of the 5 separate layers. 

  • The NANOSMOK line of casings is alternative to collagen and natural casings.

  • Using NANOSMOK, you can easily introduce new products to the market, and considerably push up the sales of products already known by the customers.

  • The products in NANOSMOK casing are especially striking, when sold with a self-adhesive label based on metalized film, which provides sparkling mirror gloss and enhanced mechanical strength.

  • We can supply labels made of polypropylene films.

Amiflex™ T

Amiflex Т casing is meant for the production of all kinds of cooked, blood and liver sausages, pates as well as other foodstuffs such as food fat, brawn, processed cheese, specialties (meat salads) etc., which do not require smoking. It fits perfectly for the work on automatic and semi-automatic filling and clipping machines for products to be sold in retail sale as sausage sticks.

Amiflex™ T Ham

Amiflex Т Ham is designed for the production of mold hams and sausages. The casing has enhanced adhesion to the meat mass in comparison to other casings of the AMIFLEX series as well as increased longitudinal and transversal shrinkage. It is meant, primarily, for use on automatic or semi-automatic machines.

The casing Amiflex Т Hams enables:

  • To render exactly the desired product shape

  • To retain an attractive look of the finished product the whole sale period long for the enhanced adhesion prevents from the casing’s detachment from the product as well as from the moisture cutting-off

  • To get products with a monolithic structure and smooth surface that do not fall apart in separate pieces after cooling and during slicing

  • To ensure the long product shelf-life with the retention of juiciness, prevents from drying up and color change

  • To widen the product range by means of a form variety

Amiflex™ E

Amiflex Е is designed for the production of sausages and hams which are peeled off after the cooking stage, sliced, then packed and in this form sent to stores.

The high caliber accuracy ensures the sausage diameter stability during stuffing and after cooking along the whole stick length that guarantees the equal slice size and fixed weight of the retail packaging.

The longitudinal casing rupture ensure easy and quick peeling off the product.

Amiflex™ T Sinuga

Amiflex T Sinuga casing is a five-layer plastic casing meant for manufacturing all types of the cooked sausages and hams. It is intended to be used at the automatic or semi-automatic equipment for stuffing and clipping sausage products. Manual stuffing is also possible.

The casing is available in 2 versions: straight (Amiflex T ® Sinuga) and ring-shaped (Amiflex Tko ® Sinuga).


  • High mechanical strength

  • High transversal elasticity

During the moulding process these properties allow meat producers to reach high extent of overstuffing as compared with its nominal calibre, i.e. about 35-50%.

This casing bears two versions of the imitation marking.


  • To manufacture products, imitating external appearance of the sausages, enclosed into the natural cattle intestines, thus widening assortment of the manufactured products owing to their form varieties

  • To provide long shelf life of the food products followed by their succulence preservation and prevention of their weight loss and color changing because of subsequent drying.

Amiflex™ Tko

The ring casing Amiflex Тkо is designed for the production of all kinds of cooked, blood and liver sausages and pates in a ring and half-ring form that do not require smoking.

The products in this casing imitate the appearance of sausages made in natural casings (rings and guts).

Having all advantages of multilayer plastic casings and an original shape, the casing Amiflex Тkо enables to widen the range of products and make sausages of a memorizable shape.

It is meant, primarily, to be used on automatic and semi-automatic filling and clipping machines. The casing also can be used on manual clippers or for hand tying.

Depending on a casing’s caliber different inner ring diameters are available.

Amiflex™ T for Cheeses

Amiflex is used to manufacture sausage-like processed cheeses, as well as to pack butter and other food fats. It is a five-layer polyamide-made casing, each of them exhibiting its own function.

Consequently, the innermost polyamide-containing layer contacts respective cheese bulk, thus providing the required adhesion between said raw material and the proper casing, while at the same time performing barrier functions similar to those of the monolayer casing. They need such adhesive layers for gluing together the polyamide-containing layers and that made of polyolephine, situated in the midst.

Polyolephines represent certain polymer group, exhibiting increased barrier properties to water and vapours. In fact, such polyolephines exhibit more effective barrier properties with respect to water and vapours than polyamide. That is why the polyolephine-made layer prevents not only moisture loss of the cheese bulk, but also protects outer polyamide-made layer against any moisture impact. It is exactly “dry” polyamide-made layer, which represents reliable protection against any gases. As a result, all five layers provide almost zero permeability of the AMIFLEX casing.


This casing involves manufacturing of the sausage products in conformity with all regulation requirements, which permit to obtain high-quality products.


  • High barrier properties against oxygen, moisture and water vapours

  • High mechanical strength

  • Elasticity

  • Thermal contraction capacity

  • Biological inertness

  • Absence of any weight losses during thermal treatment process and storage of the final products


  • Convenient handling; opportunity of the casing application at the automatic equipment, simple preparation and storage thereof

  • Reduction of the weight losses during production process and storage of the final products

  • Sensible saving of the electric power consumption during production process

Amiflex™ Ts

The casing Amiflex Тs is meant for the production of cooked sausages and hams which are sliced together with a casing.

The slicing is possible under any angle and with a different slice thickness, at that there no torn cut edges, longitudinal casing ruptures that spoil the salable condition.

The improved slicing and spiral peeling are achieved by means of the biaxial casing orientation during the extrusion process.


The casing Amiflex Тs fits perfectly for the work on automatic and semi-automatic filling and clipping machines.

Amiflex™ N

The Amiflex N casing is meant for production of cooked sausages, black puddings, liver sausages, pâtés and other foodstuffs.

It helps distinguish products among traditional cylinder-shaped sausages thanks to its unusual shape and colorful printing.


Amiflex N is easily stretchable in lengthwise and crosswise directions which enable to stuff products in the shape of a ball on automatic equipment retaining high stuffing speed.

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